How We Got Started

My name is Camille.  Welcome to my site!  I am a military wife and Mommy to two perfect little boys.  Our youngest was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and SI when he was 3 ½ yrs old. 

Receiving the diagnosis was a terrible blow to us.  It seemed Autism was something that happened to other people’s children, not ours.  Who would have thought it would actually be such a blessing!

The occupational therapist recommended a weighted vest for Sam.    She gave me the names of a couple companies that sold them.  I was shocked to find they came with a $120 price tag.  At his rate of growth that would be two a year!  A good number of us simply cannot afford that.

I spent a good many of my childhood hours sewing with my Mamo.  She has a gift; she can look at something, create a pattern and make it.  I dug my sewing machine out of the top of the closet, dusted it off and discovered I am blessed with the same gift.  I made Sam a vest, then a couple for other children.  Before I knew it a business was born.  I have been making vests and more for over three years. 

I always think of “Abilities not Disabilities” when I think of these children.  It is my mission to help as many children as possible.  I will not stop until we have recovered as many as possible.  I will not stop until they all reach their own pinnacle.